Inglés para los más pequeños en tu biblioteca

Para el 15 de febrero, a las 6 de la tarde, la biblioteca tiene una sorpresa preparada a los más pequeños. Una Hora del Cuento muy especial y didáctica. ¿Quieres saber más? sigue leyendo…

     Storytime: The Owl King

Five years ago a little owl was born in a forest inScotland, in theUnited Kingdom. The little owl is called John and he is from a Royal Family. His father is the Ki ng of theForest. So, nowadays, John is the Prince of the Forest and when he gets older, he will become the King of theForest.

       John’s birthday is on 15th February. Would you like to go to John’s birthday? He has invited us. But the birthday is in a forest inScotland. So we need to take a plane and fly fromSpain toScotland. Are you ready?

     But there is another problem: it’s an animal party! So we need to become animals to go to John’s birthday. Would you like to become elephants and have a lot of fun? Come one, don’t miss it! We are going to play many fun games!

     Let’s continue with John’s story… Twenty years after his 5th birthday, John became a king. He brought peace to his kingdom. One day, he went for a walk in the forest and he saw a very beautiful owl girl, Rose. From the very first time, they fell in love. Would you like to go to the wedding and have a lot of fun? You cannot miss it! We are going to play some musical instruments and dance together.

       It’s going to be great! By Helen Doron English

Ya os podéis inscribir, los destinatarios son Niños y Niñas de entre 2 y 5 años, más acompañante  (máximo 25 niños + acompañantes), tenéis hasta el 8 de febrero. Para más información, pica en el búho, él te contará la historia en español.



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